WBI BullBear Trend Switch US 1000

Are you worried about recent market volatility? WBI's Trend Switch Strategies are designed to give moderate investors simple solutions aiming to optimize bull and bear market cycles.

How it works

The Trend Switch 1000 separately managed account strategy incepted in 1992 and is designed to navigate the roller coaster of market gains and losses. The strategy implements a “trend switch” by alternating between a risk on (equities) or risk off (short-term treasuries) approach.

Overall rating as of 9/30/2020. Based on risk-adjusted returns out of 291 funds in the Tactical Allocation Category.

Performance Spotlight

Year-to-date review of strategy performance throughout 2020’s rocky landscape. 

about the strategy

The WBI Bull|Bear Trend Switch US 1000 SMA offers a time-tested approach to combine low-cost indexing and risk management to help clients invest more successfully rather than trying to buy and hold through the market’s roller coaster of gains and losses. It is designed to combine macro-economic factors and technical market trends to produce a “risk on/risk off” or “bull/bear” indication directing the fund to hold equities or take a defensive position.

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