Eric Hedenburg

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Eric Hedenburg is Chief Technology Officer of WBI. Joining WBI in 2012, Mr. Hedenburg brings over 20 years experience in the financial industry. As CTO, Mr. Hedenburg is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the firm, including but not limited to the firm’s cyber security, data management, and communications technology. Mr. Hedenburg also oversees the development of WBI’s proprietary project management tool.

Mr. Hedenburg’s extensive career has been with companies such as American Express Financial Advisors, Datek Online, and Caxton Associates, LLC.

Building his career as the priority, Mr. Hedenburg received an A.A. in Business from the University of Phoenix. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering. Mr. Hedenburg holds certifications from Oracle, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems.