Don Schreiber, Jr.

Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Co-Portfolio Manager – WBI Investments

Chief Visionary Officer – CyborgTech

Mr. Don Schreiber, Jr. has led WBI since founding the firm in 1984. Fiduciary responsibility and global business building strategy are at the forefront of his leadership.

Mr. Schreiber has focused company resources on developing WBI’s unique wealth management strategies that aim to tame the bear and run with the bull. Upon WBI’s 30-year anniversary, the company reached a historic milestone with the launch of 10 actively managed exchange-traded funds that set an industry record by raising $1 billion in assets on the first trading day. Mr. Schreiber continues to trailblaze new investment design across the firm’s product lines with the introduction of our Trend Switch and Power Factor product suites. The introduction of our unique trend-following ETFs and SMAs in 2019 created a buzz within the industry. Additionally, Don worked to enhance WBI’s different processes for different risk levels that can be standalone or tailored together in order to help investors achieve their desired outcomes.


Mr. Schreiber is also the Chief Visionary Officer of CyborgTech, LLC, the company that brought to market Cy – a revolutionary advisor-assisted robo that combines financial planning concepts with custom-tailored portfolios optimized utilizing quantitative analytics and advanced mathematics. Don built Cy’s foundation upon the bricks of transparency and personalization. Don leads the team in continuing the development of what we feel is the next version of the financial revolution.

Considered an expert in his field, Mr. Schreiber is often called upon by the press to provide his perspective on investments, markets, economics, and financial planning. Mr. Schreiber makes recurring appearances on CNBC and Fox Business, and his views are also frequently published in print. Mr. Schreiber co-hosts a successful podcast series, Bull|Bear Radio.

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Published Author

Mr. Schreiber is co-author of “All About Dividend Investing”, published by McGraw-Hill in 2011 and the author of “Building a World Class Financial Services Business: How to Transform Your Sales Practice into a Business Worth Millions”, released by Dearborn Publishing in 2001.

Mr. Schreiber earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from Susquehanna University and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERᵀᴹ professional. Mr. Schreiber is Chief Executive Officer of The Hartshorne Group as well as Chief Executive Officer of Millington Securities.

“Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world and the most powerful financial force in the universe.”

-Albert Einstein