Ann Schreiber

President – CyborgTech

Chief Marketing Officer – WBI Investments

With over fifteen years of industry experience, Ms. Ann Schreiber is President of CyborgTech. Ms. Schreiber played an integral role in the build and launch of Cy, CyborgTech’s revolutionary advisor-assisted robo platform. Ms. Schreiber leads the team of skilled individuals bringing advisors a new vision for investing.

Additionally, Ms. Schreiber is Chief Marketing Officer of WBI. She is also a principal and owner of the firm. As Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Schreiber led the development of the firm’s three-time-nominated “Social Media Leader of the Year” social media program. Ms. Schreiber also led the development of the firm’s iconic Bull Bear logo that embodies the goal of the firm to help investors tame the bear and run with the bull. Serving in numerous capacities over the years for WBI, Ms. Schreiber has focused her efforts in Marketing, Public Relations, and special projects furthering WBI’s corporate initiatives.

Prior to joining WBI full-time, Ms. Schreiber had a long career in music entertainment in New York City and Nashville. Songwriting, recording, and touring as a professional musician has given her a unique background from which to synergize the creative and analytical aspects of marketing. While working her way through college, Ms. Schreiber worked as a Project Manager for Advisor Toolbox, Inc., developing financial software and websites.

Ms. Schreiber earned a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in Psychology from The University of Tennessee.