a new vision
for investing.

Are you in search of better investment outcomes?

Then it’s time you meet Cy and join the Revolution.

Short for “Cyborg,” Cy is the next generation of robo digital wealth management platforms, combining advanced portfolio optimization technology with the advisor's human advice.

“We believe Cy is  positioned to become a major player in the digital wealth management revolution.”

– Cy CEO Matt Schreiber

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changing the way people invest.

Cy combines what we believe to be critical financial planning concepts with the most advanced portfolio optimization currently on the market.

Broad Universe

Cy screens 30,000+ U.S. domestic mutual funds, ETFs, and SMAs.

Math Guru

Advanced quantitative analysis crunches millions of data points to develop the Cy Power Ranking which determines managers with strong risk-adjusted returns.

Outcome Driven

Cy runs thousands of simulations to blend managers together to help achieve the targeted client benchmarks.

Advisor Toolbox

A dynamic Advisor Toolbox empowers advisors to quickly and easily adjust portfolios in an effort to keep clients on track to meet their goals.

Efficient Workflow

Digital account opening with e-signatures saves time and enhances security.

Income Withdrawals

Cy offers the ability to model income withdrawals from a recommended portfolio instantly.

Cy’s objective is to build portfolios with less down-market loss participation and vastly higher return sets than conventional approaches. With Cy clients get a customized portfolio based on their personal benchmarks for success, while advisors get to deliver a differentiated value proposition. 

Cy quickly helps advisors and their clients determine their benchmarks for loss and return. Based on these benchmarks, Cy employs proprietary quantitative optimization which runs thousands of simulations to develop a portfolio that targets the intersection of the client’s loss tolerance and required rate of return.

  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Custom Portfolio Design
  • Model Withdrawals Instantly

Cy’s interface is intuitive regardless of your "fintech" savvy. View client accounts in Cy at a glance using the Advisor Dashboard. Here, you can see a list of client households, account status, number of proposals generated, and a summary that can be easily saved and exported.

This turnkey portfolio management system builds bespoke portfolios in minutes. Based on a client’s personal benchmark for loss tolerance and their retirement objectives, Cy will calculate the required rate of return and present a custom portfolio. 

Cy’s mission is to optimize portfolio solutions that can help clients achieve greater investing success. For retiring or retired clients, Cy can illustrate the effect of income withdrawals against portfolio values to demonstrate portfolio success or failure over the past 20 years that includes two historic bear markets.

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Cy combines what we believe to be critical financial planning concepts with the most advanced portfolio optimization currently on the market. 

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