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Cy is an enterprise-grade wealth management platform. Did you know that Cy is short for “Cyborg?” We believe that the combination of man and machine is a powerful duo. We believe the human advisor is critical to investor success. Cy’s advanced quantitative optimization engine generates target loss and return portfolios to help meet client goals.

Target loss and return

Are you tired of fuzzy risk scores? After all, what is the loss associated with a conservative, moderate, or aggressive portfolio? If you ask 100 different people, you will likely get 100 different answers.

Cy allows advisors and clients to quickly identify the loss of capital that will cause a client to bail and fail on their investment plan. The platform will also calculate an accurate cash flow and asset-based required rate of return.

Unleash capital compounding with machine optimization

Einstein said, “Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world and the most powerful financial force in the universe.”

Cy utilizes an agnostic universe of ETFs, mutual funds, and SMAs to find the top managers that produce strong risk-adjusted returns.

When you combine higher return managers with lower loss, you can significantly improve capital compounding.

Our experts are ready to answer your questions and show you how Cy can help you achieve your investing goals. Our half-hour consultation may be the best investment of time for your future. Are you ready to transform your investment portfolio?

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Cy is a proprietary wealth management platform developed by WBI Investments, Inc (“WBI”) in conjunction with WBI Technologies LLC. It should not be assumed that the future results of any specific investment strategies analyzed by Cy will be profitable or suitable for all investors. Moreover, the analysis provided by the Cy optimization platform analysis may vary with use and time. There is no guarantee objectives will be achieved. The sample Cy Optimized Portfolio presented above represents a hypothetical illustration of the interface, operation, and output of the Cy algorithmic optimization tool. The illustration is not representative of any actual client experience and is shown for informational purposes only and it does not predict or project the performance of an actual available investment or investment strategy.