“For advisors whose clients are eligible to receive quarterly reports from WBI, 3Q19 quarterly reports are now available through the Client Access portal.  If you do not have an active User ID, please email Jane at: and ask that one be provided to you.  Please note that for new clients that incepted an account(s) intra-quarter, their first report will be viewable next quarter.”

Please note the below to help navigate through the system:

From the Main Screen — “Summary Account Value,” click on the “Documents” Tab (located upper right hand side) and all reports will appear below. Click on the magnifying glass in the “View” column to view the reports. You can either scroll down the list of accounts or type in the requested Name/Last Name of your client under “Account”. Please note that each account will have a report viewable by clicking on the client(s)’ “Account Name”. If your client has several accounts and are ‘householded’ together, there is one quarterly report generated for all. Therefore, each open account will show in the same report. Example: Your client has 2 IRAs, 2 Individual Accounts and 1 Joint Account that are ‘householded’. If you click on each account, it will produce 1 ‘householded’ report.

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