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WBI’s TAMP Gets a Major Technology Upgrade

WBI now offers advisors a major upgrade to the firm’s turnkey asset management platform (TAMP). We affectionately call the technology Cy, short for Cyborg. We believe that for financial advisors to compete effectively today they need great technology to pair with their human financial advice. In other words, we believe that advisors need to become “Cyborg Advisors.” The WBI TAMP platform with the “Cy” technology overlay features streamlined client profiling, a required rate of return calculator, a loss simulator, automated portfolio selection, customized proposals, electronic accounts opening, DocuSign capability, BlackDiamond reporting, billing and back-office support.

Helping Investors & Advisors achieve their goals

We believe preserving capital to unleash the power of compounding is the most important element of a successful investment approach.


We build outcome-oriented solutions for our clients. We don’t focus on beating the markets every minute of every day, but instead aim to grow capital consistently over time.

Navigate Market Cycles

Our strategies are designed to help investors protect capital during bear market declines and capture return during bull market runs. 

Focus on Loss

We believe understanding client loss tolerance is the key to success. Our experience has shown that investors who take on too much risk are kept from achieving their goals.

An alternative to the inevitable bail-and-fail experience


In our experience, investors who try to use a “buy and hold” strategy actually end up with a “buy and fold” experience.

We have observed that many investors can tolerate short-term losses of 5%, 10%, 15%, or even 20% before they feel compelled to adjust their portfolio holdings. When they abandon their investment plans by selling into declining markets, they “sell low” not high. If capital losses are large enough, investors run the risk of compromising their retirement goals. 

Investment Process

We've spent over 35 years creating multiple investment processes to help investors remain invested and achieve their wealth goals.

At WBI, we believe preserving capital to unleash the powerful benefits of compounding is the most important element of a successful investment approach. Our strategies are designed to manage risk to capital, unleash the benefits of compounding, and grow capital efficiently through good and bad market cycles.

Retirement Income

Investors who are retired or are approaching retirement need to have an effective plan.

Launched in 1993, WBI developed the Retirement Income strategy to help investors maintain income in retirement by protecting capital during market declines. With market volatility increasing and indicating increased risk, investors who are retired or are approaching retirement need to have an effective plan to protect capital from another devastating bear market.

Seamless Paperwork

WBI provides our advisor partners with simple, seamless paperwork solutions to help save time. WBI’s partnership with Black Diamond makes client statements easy. 

Product Demos

Have a question about one of our strategies? Looking for more information? WBI’s Calendly integration makes it easy for advisors to schedule calls with our knowledgable sales team. 

Advisor Resources

Our advisor partnerships are important to us. That’s why we have a dedicated resource center to help advisors.

WBI Insights

WBI experts share their insights and commentary on the latest market and economic news with investors and advisors. Get market insights, our podcast, and insights from around the web in one easy place.

"I believe the only way to help investors get to and through retirement is by reducing the amount of loss they experience during bear market cycles, allowing them to stay the course, and ultimately grow their capital."

For over three decades, WBI’s goal has been to help investors stay comfortably invested by aiming to reduce risk to capital. Our value-driven investment process and risk-managed SMA and ETF strategies can help investors navigate both bull and bear markets.